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Branden G. Mattox

"Cleon T. Day, III and I met last year to work on a community project and almost immediately gravitated to him as a person I would like to work with. Seeking competent business partners can be as tedious as seeking a life partner. There's no easy science to this, so I felt lucky to have come into contact with Mr. Day.

As an intelligent person, I believe myself to be in my own right, I have learned, to be effective we must surround ourselves with those who are smarter or at least more skilled than we are on a given subject matter. In working with Mr. Day, I appreciated his keen approach to the details of process and project management.

Although Mr. Day has left the venture we began together it is still benefiting from the structure he set forth to move us forward in our development process. He is an excellent listener and apt at identifying key details building a business. Cleon was an asset in assisting me in critical thought in launching a big vision in an untapped industry by starting small."

-Branden G. Mattox, CEO of The Baldwin Project, LLC.

My name is LaVonna. I am the lead Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) for one of the largest non-profit organization in the state of Georgia supporting adults in recovery diagnosed with a mental illness. We advocate, you are not your illness. Classes on such topics as Recovery is Possible, Coping Skills and Communication are held along with other supportive resources.

As a Certified Peer Specialist, Mr. Day volunteers his time at our center as a class facilitator, an organizer and supporter of mental health. He actively inter-acts with the CPS team and its members. Mr. Day has an incredible work ethic; he is a team player, resourceful and has a great deal of patience.

Cleon has been an inspiration to me and my team. We appreciate his attention to detail, follow-through and commitment to recovery in the mental health community. Congratulations on your new endeavor!