Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC

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Employment Opportunity

Our Mission

It is the intention of the GPS Experience to be the catalyst in bringing new innovating business angles through sharing event space between the music, television & movie industry and the LGBT community.

Our Vision

Creating a competitive and unique entertainment environment where LGBT people are treated with dignity, respect and love within the entertainment community.

5 Core Values

Integrity – Instilling confidence between The Company, its employees and all of its clients.

Commitment – Being intentional in our work and play

Loyalty – Devoting our time, energy and resources to insure our products and services are quality driven.

Trust – Incorporating a high level of confidence throughout the organization.

Respect – Demonstrating the principle of treating others as you would want to be

Employment Opportunities for Skilled Managers and People-Oriented Employees

Hiring managers who share a value system aligned with our vision is very important. We are seeking the best and smartest minds who can think outside the box. Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC is designed with dream team mentality, combining exceptional skills and natural talents. The quality of our management team, staff and new hires will deliver outstanding customer care for our business clients and patrons!

Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC wants potential employees to be a good fit for our organization. Your skills, values, traits and habits are an essential piece to our company’s integrity. Keep checking back for the listing of future positions.


Seeking male personal assistant - $26,000 salary plus perks. No experience necessary. Must be a non-smoker, non-alcoholic (social drinker is okay) and no illegal drug use. You must be professional, knowledgeable of social media, computer savvy and have good people’s skills. Also, you should be personable, a good communicator, be confident and have personality.  English/Spanish speaking preferred, not required.

You must present a masculine presence, be fit and have a conservative appearance. As a representative, you must be competent, assertive, organized, and resourceful. He has to have excellent writing, editing and speaking skills. And more importantly, you should have good grammar as well as excellent listening skills and most important, be coachable.

Please send your resume, a face photo, and a written elevator pitch on yourself to our office address:
1201 Peachtree Street 400 Colony Square Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30361