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LGBT Development Facility in Atlanta, GA

If you have to define the GPS Experience with only three words, you have to say it’s crazy, sexy, cool. We promote it as a mix-use development. In capitalizing on the 7-billion-dollar movie business that has recently moved to Georgia and the abundant talent in the LBGT community here it’s a win-win. Not only in the professional realm but socially the GPS Experience is for singles who need to mingle!

Practically, every space in our Atlanta-based LGBT development facility center is open to lease out to the entertainment industry! Be it movie, television or video shoot, we have created different environments all in one single space. When you meet with our marketing director you can explore where we fit your needs. Our complex is not complex, it’s easy as one, two, three, our staff is willing and able to make it happen.

LGBT Development Facility in Atlanta, GA

Crazy fun is what we’ve created for those looking for adventure, spontaneity or want to move out of their comfort zone, even a place to escape the humdrum of everyday life! We have a restaurant where you may dine with someone you don’t even know and can get to know. An atmosphere has been created where we’ve lessen the odds of you being rejected but directed, it’s crazy!

Sexy is on us, you want it you got it! Throughout the facility, we’ve designed intimate settings for single people to meet, a non-bar environment. If you are on a special date, let us know, we are good at designing an idea suited for the occasion! There are different spaces throughout the facility exuding intimacy and sensuality, an ideal place to begin a romance!

“Cool as a cucumber” is what we are promoting at Grand Prize Singles Experience. You might have used or heard the expression, knowing what it means but not necessarily know it’s origin. “Cool as a cucumber” means calm, composed, self-possessed. “Cucumbers are cool to the touch. In fact, the inside of a cucumber can remain approximately 11.1 degrees cooler than the external atmospheric temperature due to its high water content”.

Come inside and get a cool touch of the GPS Experience, we’re cool like that!

LGBT Friendly Event Space in Atlanta, GA

Movies, Television, Videos & Us Too!

By day, we make movies, film television scenes and create music videos; each area mentioned above is open to rental; two ballrooms with one converting into an indoor/outdoor pool, a fabulous two level dining room with a stage and a classy indoor/outdoor balcony you have to see! Then there’s the intimate 700 seat theater in the round! Film producers can have private screenings of their latest projects!

When the sun goes down, night comes and so does the enchantment. Our restaurant, Couples, opens up to a dinner & show restaurant where couples can date, celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or even plan a marriage proposal!

During the night, as its namesake, where the original concept comes from, we have transformed the book Grand Prize Lookin’ for a Winner, a Dating/Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color into a real life safe space for men to meet men we’ve designed a Grand Prize theater, “The GPS Experience” has a private entrance. It is a rejection-free safe space to mingle and meet men. Yes, that’s right, rejection-free; you have to see it to believe it!

We have a 700 seated ballroom space that transformed to a wedding hall for a couple to tie the knot. It also features an adjacent changing and waiting rooms for the groom & groomsmen, and bride & bridesmaids. Across the hall there’s another 700 guests ballroom. There’s also space to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party!

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I believe in timing. It's how the Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC was conceived. Back in March of 2016 a coalition of more than 400 businesses strongly spoke out against Georgia House Bill 757 (also known as the religious liberty bill). It would allow businesses to deny service to LGBT people on the basis of religious faith.

In arguing for the bill’s defeat the businesses stated “For Georgia businesses to compete for top talent, we must have workplaces and communities that are diverse and welcoming for all people, no matter one’s race, sex, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”

Besides those businesses, nearly 40 leaders from the film industry, directors, producers, actors, and others signed a petition urging Georgia Governor Nathan Deal to veto the bill. A few ongoing movie and television productions threaten to pull out of Georgia as well as film directors looking to film in Georgia stated they would look other locations.

In author Cleon T. Day, III CPS plans to create a safe space for the LGBT community to meet (following his self-published Grand Prize, Looking for a Winner a Dating/Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color) and Georgia’s booming 7 billion dollar movie business, the GPS Experience, an upscale mixed use development facility would be a good matchup! Now, that’s timing!

We are in the process of planning a handsome crowd funding campaign where everyone has an opportunity to support this huge endeavor for our community, stay tuned!

Until then, support our early funding campaign and purchase Author Cleon T. Day, LLC CPS new e-book on dating!


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Coming Soon

Grand Prize Lookin’ for a Winner, a Dating/Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color is now an e-book. The soft copy book retailed at $21.95 at bookstores and now is being offered to you at 75% off the cover price as an e-book at $4.99. The link will be posted soon, stay tuned……

Thank You

Thank you for visiting The GPS Experience Website, We look forward to your participation in this ground-breaking opportunity for the gay and film community to come together. As you read the various article you will see what we have in store for you!

For now, we would like to have your support as well from your supportive relatives and co-workers, friends, close friends, best friends, associates, acquaintances, buddies, everybody you know, even exes on this endeavor. You may not live in or near Atlanta; however that shouldn’t detour you from supporting our community, plan a visit here!


Cleon T. Day, III, CPS author, entrepreneur, former chairman of the Board of My Brothaz Keeper, Inc. Atlanta, a non-profit organization targeting Black gay youth of Color. I formed CTDIII Enterprises, LLC and self-published “Grand Prize, a Dating/Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color”.

In January, 2016 Mr. Day was certified by the State of Georgia as a Certified Peer Specialist.  Diagnosed with Major Depression in 2013 and now in recovery, as a CPS, he’s able to assist peers in skills building, goal setting, problem solving, conducting Recovery Dialogues setting up and sustaining mutual self-help groups, and in helping peers build their own self–directed recovery tools.


Where are you located?
We are developing the complex in Atlanta and currently looking for the ideal real-estate spot.

Are you hiring?
We are opening a few positions, stay tuned.

Do you have to be gay to work there?
No, and we will not be asking, however every future employee has to be comfortable being in a business that caters to the gay community in employment, entertainment and services.

When does it open?
We’re shooting for late spring of 2018

If it is not for a file/video production can rent out the space for an event?
Not at this time.

You mentioned there’s a place for men to meet men, what about women meeting women?
“Within the gay community, I believe, as with the majority of lesbians, each of our concerns in coupling has been on our own personal issues. I wrote a book on dating and relationships in the gay male community, primarily men of color, The GPS Experience is one way to address some of issues I pointed out. My creating a space for men to meet is not saying lesbians don’t matter as it is saying “Gay/SGL men Do Matter”! However, we have a restaurant and wedding space focused for both men and women to participant in.

Does the fact that there’s no plans in place to provide space for women to meet women, it’s off the table, no” – Cleon T. Day, III CPS
What’s the cuisine and what type of show is it?
The cuisine is fusion and currently fabulous dishes are being created as we speak! The show is inter-active performance between the singers, dancers and guests!