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Grand Prize Meet & Greets 

Some who migrated from large cities or small town had experience a good time, meeting people in the community, drinking, partying and experiencing the number of sights and sounds of the South. Even though they are informed by their friends and Atlantans, it’s not everything you see, they still come, why, because those who tell them that are still here.

Yes, ATL does have a lot to offer in way of it having a large diverse LGBT community and pockets to dwelt in with the number of Gay-friendly restaurants, shopping malls, and a few LGBT bars and dance clubs. So, there are plenty of opportunity to meet a stranger publicly or in private small parties and social events throughout the year.

Most of the public and private places to meet members in the LGBT community will cost an admission, a financial donation, a two-drink minimum or having to “make it rain”. And, being you’re in a place to meet the same-sex doesn’t mean, you’ll be out of your comfort zone. Grand Prize Singles offers you a place to meet & greet at no charge and a staff to get you out of your comfort zone! Check us out when we open! 

2018 Atlanta Black Gay Pride Signature Events

The Literary Café - LGBTQIA authors will be featuring their latest books. These talented artists will be giving a brief reading from their work and will have their literary book on sale too! Please support these fabulous writers in our community.

Community Luncheon – One of the most enlightening conversations formally presented at Atlanta Black Gay Pride, featuring a series of speakers and guest speaker, along with live music and of course, food!

Health & Life Expo – Featuring free medical services, health literature, brief informative lectures. This is a must not miss event, updating you on the latest health information regarding the LGBTQIA community.

Atlanta Black Gay Pride Marketplace – It’s not only a place to pick up unique items but a fun place to visit each day of Atlanta Black Gay Pride. There are vendors, clothing designers, promoters from Adult Industry, authors, Black entrepreneurs, small Black businesses on hand to give you a taste of the LGBTQIA community and more!

Speak Fire – One of the cornerstone pieces of the signature events breaking all the rules of “What’s done in Vegas, stays in Vegas. As one person put it, “We tell everything and more! It is an opportunity for gifted LGBTQIA to get down right dirty, it’s erotica at it’s best. It’s a free- flowing event that starts around midnight and last til the wee bid times in the morning! Who knows, you may be able to join in the fun!


 Why do we make movies, create television shows or film music videos?


“The idiot box” is a statement not heard very often but still has an impact. Television is referred to as “the idiot box” because of its content. In recent times, brainless comedies, real time news of the evils of the world, endless gossip magazine format and Reality TV seems to make its point. However, when television first began it was for sharing intelligent information and educating the masses.

Television is still providing informative information and raising the level of knowledge on health. The content is really based on what you want to see, some of it might be targeting you but you make the final decision. There are some good things happening on the box and people are tuning on in large numbers! Despite some questionable entertainment, it’s not likely to go out of business anytime soon.


Merging film and music for the first time, in 1984, MTV aired Michael Jackson’s 13-minute “Thriller”. The ground- breaking video was inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in 2009 -- the first music video to ever receive this honor -- for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” It is the most downloaded Halloween- them hit of all time, according to data from Nielsen SoundScan.

During the filming of Bruce Springsteen's concert music video at the St. Paul Civic Center in 1984, little known actress Courteney Cox got to dance on stage with Bruce. Some say that exposure help her land a role on the 80’s sitcom “Family Ties” And as we all know, Ms. Cox went on to star in the 90’s, 2000 acclaimed sitcom “Friends” and most recently “Cougar Town, still in re-runs! There have been a number of star discovered through video!

As you can see, there are a number of reasons we do film, for entertainment and discovery new talent! Georgia is a great place to film. Throughout Atlanta you can see a number of production shoots going on. There are a number of movies, television segments and video being shot here!


10 Signs of He’s/She’s not the One

1. Him: When he disrespects you like a customer service rep who has an attitude with you when you trying to settle a dispute …. You know, he’s not the one!
Her: When she disrespects you by flirting with another woman right in from of your face like you’re Steve Wonder….. You know, she’s not the one!

2. Him: The first time he lays hands on you and he’s not in any clergy…. You know, he’s not the one!
Her: The first time she hits you, says she’s sorry and you mouth off to her again and she hit’s you again, realizing you’re not recording a new hit, that it’s a broken record and you finally press stop!...... You know, she’s not the one!

3. Him: When, as a cheater you give him more than one pass and you’re not even playing football.…. You know, he’s not the one!

Her: When she cheats over and over again, like a card counter cheats in a Las Vegas casino and needs to be put out….. You know, she’s not the one!

4. Him: If he continues borrowing money from you, and he’s working three jobs but hasn’t paid you back once…. You know, he’s not the one!

Her: If between 24 - 48hrs she has borrowed a minimal of $50 (or maybe less) in the time of meeting her, run! Don’t even wait for receipts….. You know, she’s not the one!

5. Him: When his lies stand out more than his truths like he’s one of the three imposters on the television gameshow, “To tell the Truth” …. You know, he’s not the one.

Her: When you know she’s lying, remember this, that childhood game, called “going, Going… GONE! ….. You know, she’s not the one!

6. Him: When having both incomes coming into the household, but when it comes to you it’s “yawls money” and when it comes to him, it’s his money…. You know, he’s not the one! 

Her: Although, you’ve been out of schools for years, if from the beginning, you notice something isn’t adding up; YOUR money is her money and her money is her money, it isn’t the “new math” you need to learn….. You know, she’s not the one!

7. Him: When you notice he has a “sex change”, now, he wants to bring another man into your bed for a threesome…. You know, he’s not the one! 
Her: When she comes home in the evening and her scent smells like sex (y’all know what I’m talking about) and you hadn’t tapped her that morning, but someone else did….. You know, she’s not the one!

8. Him: When on a sly, right in front of you, he writes his number down on a paper napkin, gives it to a dude, tells you it’s networking but you know he has his business cards with him (because you made sure he had them before he left the house). …. You know, he’s not the one!

Her: When you catch her putting her number in another girl’s phone and tells you it’s nothing, nothing could be farther from the truth….. You know, she’s not the one!

9. Him: In a television news story, you see surveillance footage of a bank Robber and you immediately identify him as your man by the hat you told him to quit stealing from you to wear…. You know, he’s not the one!

Her: You’re out somewhere and run into a friend of hers and she’s wearing the Victoria Secret scarf (monogramed with you & your girlfriend’s initials) you gave your girlfriend. You know, she’s not the one!

10. When he tells you that he’s gonna divorce his wife to be with you but doesn’t “put a ring on it”… You know, he’s not the one! Then again, if you found out by accident that he’s married (w/children…) and you’re thinking, there goes your disposable income when he divorces her and must pay alimony/child support…. You know, he’s not the one!

Her: When she tells you, she’s married but just want to experiment and see if she could be in a relationship with a woman, remember the definition of the word experiment; a test, a trial. It’s not a relationship….. You know, she’s not the one!