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Approachable App

Coming in May

Online dating like nothing else in the world! Approachable “Re-imaging on-line dating” is here, the all new dating app for LGBTC (Curious)!

What makes “Approachable” far different from other dating apps?

Simple, we are not a dating site. We do not focus on meeting strangers with the traditional unknown factors on dating. (i.e. Is this your real age? How current is this photo? What do you do for a living, really, I mean really?)

What is “Approachable” if it is not a dating site?

Have you ever had opportunities to meet someone right in front of you and you missed it? For instance; Men, there’s a guy across from you at a gas station pump, waiting as his vehicle is refueling. As you look in his direction, you catch him looking at you and you felt a connection, but you didn’t act on it, then neither did he.  And Ladies, you engaged in casual conversation with a female while waiting in line somewhere and you felt a connection; however, you didn’t take it any further.

Men, women, neither one of you said a word to the other person for any number of reasons, maybe….

  • Fear of being rejected
  • Not sure if he/she is “family” (LGBT)
  • Not wanting to “out” him/her or yourself if you’re wrong
  • Shy

“Approachable” approaches the basics of meeting someone, asking,” Are you approachable now”? and what to do if not now.


Here’s how the app works:  Guys, say you’re out somewhere and there’s a guy checking you out and you’re feeling an attraction between you. He’s within 5 feet of you, you want to connect with him but you’re not sure if he’s family (LGBT). As an “Approachable” member, he is also a member unbeknownst to you until their name appears on your cell phone.  Approachable signals you both are members of the LGBT community.

We have a special way set up on the app for you to begin to connect. It will be revealed this April!


In social surroundings, women are a little different in meeting other women than men are in meeting other men.  Generally, women connect with women stranger very easily. However, here’s the dilemma; you will have a good connection with a woman you just met, but you don’t find out the woman is heterosexual until somewhere in the conversation.  It can be a big letdown when you just had a "touchy feely" conversation and, in most cases, cannot go any further because she’s not a member of the LGBT community or not interested in being. 

Let’s say you are a member of “Approachable”.   And, she is also a member unbeknownst to you until her name appears on your cell phone. Now you can engage in conversation, knowing she’s family too. We have a special way set up on the app for you to begin to connect.  It will be revealed this April!

*Note: In some cases, you may or may not know a woman or man is Transgender, the same method applies.