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Why do we make movies, create television shows or film music videos?


In some schools of thought, cinema is therapeutic, more and more therapists prescribe movies to help their patients achieve their goals and overcome setbacks. Not just for patients but movies are a way for anyone to destress and become rejuvenate to fight life’s struggles another day.

There’s nothing like sitting in a movie theater with friends. Devouring your buttery popcorn out of the colossal refill-free bin, merging in sips through the straw for your extra-large soda and binging on your favorite candy makes movie-watching even better!

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Couples, Dinner, Show & You!

Couples, Dinner, Show & You!

Couples, Dinner & Show is a unique dining experience, featuring the three F’s, Food, Friends & Fun! Food becomes romance if you’re in love! It also begins a budding friendship between two complete strangers. Did you know great food makes great conversation with your palate? Just after satisfying your appetite, we dish up a plate of fun with song and dance!

We want you to have more than just dinner, do more than just sightsee and be a part of the show! Who knows you might have a new career coming to dine with us over and over again! Some might say, don’t believe the hype to anything that’s being promoted, a line being fed by haters. We are planning to hype you up!

Our show is not Las Vegas so what’s done here can be shared with everyone you know! The plan is for you to leave hungering more! Now we know some of you are shy so you won’t be under pressure to clap your hands, move your hips, hum along, and shake your head to the rhythm of the night!

Got Wedding Bells Blues?

So why would you name your wedding planning division Wedding Bells Blues, it seems like an oxymoron. Marriage should be about being happy not blue. All baby boomers know where it comes from. In 1969 Billie Williams and Marilyn McCoo of the R & B singing group The 5th Dimension made a very big hit called Wedding Bell Blues. It was a very popular song to play at weddings!

Wedding Bells Blues Logo

If you have a theme or even if you don’t have one in mind, working with our wedding experts, we can make your dreams come alive in our elegant event space! Of course, there will be cake tasting, floral arrangements, the choosing china settings, napkins, table cloths, and centerpiece for the reception! And let’s not forget the rehearsal dinner! You may use our photographer/videographer, use your own or both.

Weddings don’t all have to be traditional, just beautiful, the way you are! It’s important for us to pay close attention to details, crossing all the “t’s” and dotting all the “i’s”! Just like anything you plan, some things may be beyond our control. This possible setback does create an opportunity for creatively making things happen. It is our hope your experience with us is one of integrity!

The Georgia film industry are always welcome guests! Our wedding venue is an excellent space to film a wedding in a movie or movie video! The ballrooms are beautiful halls for an elegant wedding reception or whatever the film cause for in spacing an upscale affair! Although it’s a huge space, in filming a scene(s) it can be scaled down through dividing walls.

Happy Couple

Coffee Please…

A sign at a local coffee shop got the attention of its town locals goes viral. Employee Austin Simms of CUPS Coffee & Tea shop in Roanoke, Virginia wrote the sign on as a joke. Posted outside the shop advertising cheaper prices for a cup of coffee depending on your manners when ordering, the sign reads:

"Small coffee"
"Small coffee, please"
"Hello, one small coffee, please."

Mr. Simms states "I decided because I need to solve all the injustices of the world to start charging more for people who didn't take the time to say hello and connect and realize we're all people behind the counter". CUPS Coffee & Tea owner, Olivia Byrd did say the joke has gone over well with customers. She added no one has actually paid $5 for a cup of coffee and people are being more polite.

Although, many of us coffee lovers may not get a chance to visit CUPS Coffee & Tea in Roanoke Virginia I think we can all give pause to our cell phones, morning wants before placing our order and first say meaningful words like “Good morning”, Hello” and/or please to all servers.

The GPS Experience is about pleasing you!

"Going Dutch"

“Going Dutch – In a party of two or more, each person eating at a restaurant or paying admission for entertainment pays for himself or herself, rather than one person paying for everyone. It is also called a Dutch date or Dutch treat”.

In the dating game, “Going Dutch” is economical, fair and should be done more often! Many of us who have dated have experienced the challenge of paying the total bill of a first date.

Picture this, you’re finishing a date, the bill comes and your live date becomes a statue. He doesn’t make a move towards a wallet. When you initially met him, he said he wanted to meet up with you again. So you ask him to meet you at a particular time and a certain restaurant. Although prior to setting it up, nothing was said about how the bill would be paid.

When planning a date to get together, is anyone’s fault for not bringing up how the meal would be paid? In the West, the traditional way to handle a bill on a romantic date has been the one who invited the other (traditionally, nearly always the man) takes the bill and the invitee may not even know the actual price of the meal.

Happy Couple

“In the late 1960s and 1970s, the women's movement subscribed to the idea that there should be equality of the sexes, not just legally, but socially and sexually. They were rejecting traditional gender role assumptions that men should make more money and should pay for affections through dinners and the rest of costs of dates. In this way, women were making an equal investment in the cost of courtship”.

It became more common for women to pay their own way, or to pay for men's meals. Some women were offended if their male dining partner "grabbed the check". Since the 1990s, mores, particularly in the US, have reverted to past customs.

Ironically the majority of women still see the value of this 'tradition' for the man to pay for meals in relationships. Even though in heterosexual dating today progressive women prefer or are open to paying for their own meal on a first day, in the LGBT community dating gets muddled.

In completing the above true scenario at the beginning of this article, the bill had come. I asked the guy how would he like us to handle the bill. In return, he asked me how would I like to handle the bill. I said “Let’s go Dutch if that’s okay with you?”. He says back to me “If that’s what you want” and I said “Yes, that's what I want”. The “issue” closed with him pulling out crumpled dollars and change from his pocket to pay for his meal and me paying for mine and the tip.

In learning about my “date” throughout the meal I diplomatically told him I didn’t plan to see him again and he cursed me out, saying I thought I was better than he. The -was me not haven't paid for his meal.

“Grand Prize Lookin’ for a Winner a Dating & Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color” addresses the issue of who pays for the date when it comes to same-sex dating. – Cleon