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The GPS Experience, an Upscale Mixed-Use Development Facility with you in mind!

LGBT Event Venue, Atlanta GA

LGBT Event Venue in Atlanta, GA

Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC is a mixed-use facility and event venue for filmmakers and the LGBT community based in Atlanta, GA. Known as the GPS Experience, movie directors, producers and actors alike can have a single experience in filming different scenes for their project. The facility also serves as a safe space for members of the LGBT community to meet, date, dine and wed! Read further and find what we offer!

GPS Experience

On the Red Carpet

Have you ever wanted to walk “The Red Carpet”? The GPS Experience will make it happen for you! From the entrance to the elevator lobby to our spectacular outdoor/indoor atrium, ‘The Red Carpet” has been rolled out, announcing your arrival!

Red Carpet

Our guests who are attending “Couples Dinner & Show” and those who come to check us out are welcome to trendy shops. We invite you to partake of our Grand Prize Bakery, Florist, Wedding Planning Boutique, and Gift Shop!

Once our shops are up and running smoothly, we have plans to open a men & women spas. Also, there are plans to have a nail shop for women and a Barber and nail shop exclusively for men.

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movie making


ATLANTA, GA — Georgia is still on the minds of movie makers. But, at least this year, the Peach State will have to settle for second-place.
Georgia continues to be in first place as a filming location for top-grossing films. In 2017, 17 of the year's 100 top-grossing films. Worldwide, Canada came in number one with Georgia coming in second place, where 20 such movies were produced. In 2016, Georgia topped the list with 17 of the year's most popular features, beating out the United Kingdom, Canada and California.

Known as the Peach State, Georgia’s 15 top-grossing films, out-sweeten formable places with California at 10, New York with six and Louisiana, five, according the Film, L.A. compiled list.

Canada’s favorable money exchange rate and groundbreaking tax credits for movie productions made them an attractive location to film in 2017. Over a dozen U.S. states and 20 countries in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia were involved int the top 100 domestic grossing movies in 2017

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal spokesman John Vaughan stated, "As home to a record 455 film and television productions last year, Georgia remains a top destination for filmmakers and production companies. Gov. Deal is proud to see the success of this industry continue, as films and shows shot in Georgia generated more than $9.5 billion in total economic impact for every corner of the state during the last fiscal year."

Since building its film infrastructure, Georgia's entertainment-industry has been growing with film studios, sound stages, post-production facilities, creating new companies like, The Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC!


10 Signs of He’s/She’s not the One

1. Him: When he disrespects you like a customer service rep who has an attitude with you when you trying to settle a dispute …. You know, he’s not the one!
Her: When she disrespects you by flirting with another woman right in from of your face like you’re Steve Wonder….. You know, she’s not the one!

2. Him: The first time he lays hands on you and he’s not in any clergy…. You know, he’s not the one!
Her: The first time she hits you, says she’s sorry and you mouth off to her again and she hit’s you again, realizing you’re not recording a new hit, that it’s a broken record and you finally press stop!...... You know, she’s not the one!

3. Him: When, as a cheater you give him more than one pass and you’re not even playing football.…. You know, he’s not the one!

Her: When she cheats over and over again, like a card counter cheats in a Las Vegas casino and needs to be put out….. You know, she’s not the one!

4. Him: If he continues borrowing money from you, and he’s working three jobs but hasn’t paid you back once…. You know, he’s not the one!

Her: If between 24 - 48hrs she has borrowed a minimal of $50 (or maybe less) in the time of meeting her, run! Don’t even wait for receipts….. You know, she’s not the one!

5. Him: When his lies stand out more than his truths like he’s one of the three imposters on the television gameshow, “To tell the Truth” …. You know, he’s not the one.

Her: When you know she’s lying, remember this, that childhood game, called “going, Going… GONE! ….. You know, she’s not the one!

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Two Prides & Racism

For some white LGBT, a question continuously comes up, why does it have to be two Gay Prides (Stonewall origin and Black Pride). The main response they received is, because Gay Pride is not inclusive. Although, they can point to having people of color within their organizations, and boards and events, the fact remains, a few spots here and there the leopard still is describe as being one color with black spots.

Racism still exist throughout America, why should the LGBT community be different. Yes, it should be, however, it’s not. In a powerful spoken word, Uwazi Isikhumba Ya Zamani, gives shade on Gay Pride, provoking thoughts on how the LGBT community continues to have a long way to come. Check out his performance at a recent Pride event! Uwazi Isikhumba Ya Zamani (pronunciation; OO-wah-zee YA-zah-MAH-nee) is a Dance Instructor at Southwest Schools (Public Charter School) In Houston Texas.

2018 Atlanta Black Gay Pride sponsored by ITLA, Aug 27th thru Sept. 3rd


 Grand Prize Meet & Greets

Atlanta (also known as ATL) has a huge LGBT community. ATL is often recognized by many people throughout the country as the “Black Mecca”, mainly for its local government of Black leadership, the number of Blacks with high income/social status, favorable minority job/career opportunities and African-American culture.
LGBT flock here month after month, year after year, whether it’s visiting a friend(s), vacationing, conferences or attending Black Gay Pride Labor Day weekend or Gay Pride in October, they like it enough to go back home, pack their bags and move here, with or without a job! Either as a high priority or a hope, many come to find love.

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