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The GPS Experience, an Upscale Mixed-Use Development Facility with you in mind!

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LGBT Event Venue, Atlanta GA

LGBT Event Venue in Atlanta, GA

Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC is a mixed-use facility and event venue for filmmakers and the LGBT community based in Atlanta, GA. Known as the GPS Experience, movie directors, producers and actors alike can have a single experience in filming different scenes for their project. The facility also serves as a safe space for members of the LGBT community to meet, date, dine and wed! Read further and find what we offer!

GPS Experience

Fund Open to Independent Filmmakers and Entrepreneurs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, December 22, 2017

ATLANTA – Mayor Kasim Reed today announced the new Creative Industries Fund, a joint project between the Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment and Invest Atlanta to assist independent content creators and creative entrepreneurs in the City of Atlanta.

The program offers loans with low interest rates and flexible repayment terms for local creative entrepreneurs to use for production, post-production, distribution, marketing outreach, touring, prototype development, product development and sales and attraction for their creative projects.

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LGBT Friendly Event Space, Atlanta GA

Event Venue, Atlanta GA

Georgia, Hollywood of the South?

The Georgia film industry is booming with over 33 TV shows and movies currently filming here. Marvel Cinematic Universe's last three movies were filmed in Atlanta. “Spider-Man," Ant-Man,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Captain America” were all filmed here! Three more Marvel films are coming soon out of ATL. Then there’s the Fast & Furious franchise, three of seven were filmed in Atlanta and are currently shooting its 8th movie with Georgia’s own native rapper Ludacris!

Georgia has been coined as “Hollywood of the South”. By one study, Georgia is behind the United Kingdom as the third largest film industry in the world. There are those in the industry who expect Georgia’s film industry to continue to grow where one day it may be the prime location for filmmaking in the world!

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U.S. Supreme Court vs the Future of the LGBT Consumer

In light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court case of the Colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding reception, it becomes clearer. There’s a need for a place like the GPS Experience.

We are a LGBT base business organization leasing space to the film, television, and music industry, and providing safe welcoming spaces for the LGBT community. The GPS Experience has a place for community members to meet, dine, wed, and have private events.

Not only will we have places to socialize but in phase II of our growth, there are big plans. Those of you who get your hair done at a traditional barbershop know how rampant homophobia runs throughout the environment. Men, Lesbians, and Transgenders experience gender bias when they go to any of the traditional nail & petite salons. In phase II of our growth, there will be an upscale non-homophobia barbershop and an unbiased nail & petite salon & spa just for you!


On the Red Carpet

Have you ever wanted to walk “The Red Carpet”? The GPS Experience will make it happen for you! From the entrance to the elevator lobby to our spectacular outdoor/indoor atrium, ‘The Red Carpet” has been rolled out, announcing your arrival!

Red Carpet

Our guests who are attending “Couples Dinner & Show” and those who come to check us out our welcome to trendy shops. We invite you to partake of our Grand Prize Bakery, Florist, Wedding Planning Boutique, and Gift Shop!

Once our shops are up and running smoothly we have plans to open a men & women spas. Also, there are plans to have a nail shop for women and a Barber and nail shop exclusively for men.

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Spotlight on Dating

A few people who have no problems getting dates may say to those who want to know their secret “It’s easy as pie”. Folks getting back on the LGBT dating scene may hear “It’s like riding a bicycle, you never forget”. However, baking a pie ain’t that easy for non-bakers and with age may easily come broken bones and longer healing. Plus, dating has gotten a whole lot more expensive nowadays.

According to a report by research firm IBISWorld, the dating industry is now worth about $2.2 billion, up 4.8% between 2013 and 2014, Of that, around $1.1 billion is from online dating, $576 million is from mobile apps such as Grindr and Tinder, and the rest is made up mainly of matchmakers and singles events. Nielsen market research firm states 10% of the U.S. population (Roughly 30 million) visit dating sites every month. Many people invest a lot of dollars to make a perfect match. The Grand Prize Singles Experience is a safe space where men can meet men and women can meet women. By the way, it won’t cost you a thing! Grand Prize Lookin’ for a Winner, a Dating & Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color e-book supports you on your dating journey. Stay tuned for our launch date!

We plan to book up and coming stars like this talented young man, Mr. Jaboukie Young White.

I hope we can afford him because he's going places!

Grand Prize Book Cover

Get your guide flowing for 2018 and begin dating like you mean it!

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