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The GPS Experience, an Upscale Mixed-Use Development Facility with you in mind!

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LGBT Event Venue, Atlanta GA

LGBT Event Venue in Atlanta, GA

Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC is a mixed-use facility and event venue for filmmakers and the LGBT community based in Atlanta, GA. Known as the GPS Experience, movie directors, producers and actors alike can have a single experience in filming different scenes for their project. The facility also serves as a safe space for members of the LGBT community to meet, date, dine and wed! Read further and find what we offer!

GPS Experience

On the Red Carpet

Have you ever wanted to walk “The Red Carpet”? The GPS Experience will make it happen for you! From the entrance to the elevator lobby to our spectacular outdoor/indoor atrium, ‘The Red Carpet” has been rolled out, announcing your arrival!

Red Carpet

Our guests who are attending “Couples Dinner & Show” and those who come to check us out are welcome to trendy shops. We invite you to partake of our Grand Prize Bakery, Florist, Wedding Planning Boutique, and Gift Shop!

Once our shops are up and running smoothly, we have plans to open a men & women spas. Also, there are plans to have a nail shop for women and a Barber and nail shop exclusively for men.

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Ant-Man and The Wasp

Ant-Man and The Wasp, sequel to 2015's Ant-Man, which made $178 million in the US, will be landing on the big screen this weekend. Directed by Peyton Reed, staring Paul Rudd as Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Evangeline Lilly as The Wasp (Hope van Dyne), Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, Michael Peña as Luis, and Atlanta’s own T.I. as Dave.

The movie also stars, Michelle Pfeiffer as the original Wasp (Janet van Dyne) and Lawrence Fishburne as Black Goliath (Bill Foster). This is another Marvel movie franchise shot in and around Atlanta.

Grand Prize Singles Experience plans to get in some of the action in the near future! " 

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Supreme Court Sides With Colorado Baker Who Turned Away Gay Couple

On Monday, June 4, 2018 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who had refused to create a wedding cake for a gay couple.

The court’s decision was narrow, which is a small nugget, given that it left open the larger question of whether a business can discriminate against gay men and lesbians based on rights protected by the First Amendment. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s gave the majority opinion. The Court's decision turned on the argument that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which originally ruled against the baker, had been shown to be hostile to religion because of the remarks of one of its members.

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Supreme Court Building

The World’s Largest Steppers Contest

Here is a video of 2017 “The World’s Largest Steppers Contest” 1st place WINNER’S in the “Original New Skool” category, Trio, Anthony “Tic Man” Allen & Tabitha Hicks. This year’s competition takes place on September 14, 2018 in Tinley Park, IL

Grand Prize Singles Experience plans to have some classes for those who want to learn how to step!

Good advice from former President Barack Obama on marriage.

A He has some great experience from his relationship with Michelle Obama to pull from.

Obama’s former communications director Dan Pfeiffer describes receiving some advice from President Obama on marriage. He said, “the president reportedly said that the “advice [he] gives everyone about marriage” is to ask yourself three questions about your potential spouse”.
Obama said, as the first question, “Is she someone you find interesting? You will spend more time with this person than anyone else for the rest of your life, and there is nothing more important than always wanting to hear what she has to say about things.”

Question two is. “Does she make you laugh?”. And the last question is, [in referring to a couple wanting children], “Do you think she will be a good mom”? Life is long. These are the things that really matter over the long term.”

While on Ellen DeGeneres’ show in 2015, First Lady Michelle Obama stated how to stay married. It’s something we hear all the time. Michelle said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. She said of her husband “I kind of give him a pass”.

The couple’s advice is simple and yet something to deeply think about. Although, the questions were speaking in heterosexual terms, the president who supported Same-sex marriage and became the law of the land, could easily be applied to same-sex couples!

Grand Prize Singles Experience is a place where all single people can meet, become a couple, date, and begin to answer these questions for themselves!!

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White House

The White House is lit with the colors of the rainbow in celebration of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, June 26, 2015

We plan to book up and coming stars like this talented young man, Mr. Jaboukie Young White.

I hope we can afford him because he's going places!

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